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Éduconnexion is a registered charity. Since 1975, we have worked to strengthen the power of individuals and communities to act on the social and environmental issues at the heart of their concerns and aspirations.
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or send a check to Éduconnexion, 6365 rue de Saint-Vallier, Montréal, QC H2S 2P6.

Why donate?

TO help create a more just society that allows each individual and each community to develop their full potential… but what else?

  • Thanks to our proximity and the relationship of mutual trust with young people, the educational environment and the various groups with which we act, we are able to target their needs according to their requests.
  • We are the most active Canadian organization in global eco-citizenship education. Our goal: to equip young people and adults with concrete cooperative problem-solving skills.
  • Our support program for organizations allows us to strengthen their practices and their results, and therefore to multiply our own impact, and that of your donation, beyond what we would be capable of doing alone.
  • Our projects generally integrate a deep transformation approach which makes it possible to build changes within the very systems in which we act (educational, governance, etc.) allowing an impressive scaling of effective solutions.
  • Because we have unique, proven approaches and we stay on the move for continuous improvement.
  • Because we listen to our members, you are invited to be part of the WE so that Éduconnexion is your tool for social and environmental impact.

Whatever your contribution, by adding it to other donations,

we can do a lot together.

How are these donations used?

  • Donations are used to make workshops and training and capacity building programs accessible to people who could not afford them and in environments that we could not otherwise reach.
  • Donations, because we relate to members and not to forms, allow the flexibility and autonomy of action and thought necessary to face the complex challenges of our environment and our society.

Concrete examples of the impact of donations:

  • $150 to equip the animation brigade with a kit that can be used with more than 100 young people per year and over several years.
  • $5 to offer an adolescent aged 12-17 a workshop on the environment or on a social issue to discuss solutions.
  • It is through the combination of donations (and funding to the mission) that we have been able to tackle unpopular, yet ultra-relevant issues (such as school curriculum reforms – contact us to find out more).
  • It is thanks to donations that we were able to design the initial version of Agents of Change, a unique 12-week training program that offers a multitude of tools and effective action strategies to dozens of activists. es, activists and citizens per year. They act in their community, on the front line facing climate and social inclusion issues.

How to make a donation?

  • By clicking on this button:
  • or send a check to Éduconnexion, 6365 rue de Saint-Vallier, Montréal, QC H2S 2P6.

The Educonnexion team thanks you for your support. It is precious.

If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]