Our mission

From the outset, our mission has been to equip individuals and organizations to better assume their role in the transition to a more ecological, just and united world.

The origins of Educonnect date back to 1975, when Father Ernest Schibbli, with the support of a group of citizens concerned about the social struggles in Central America, founded the Social Justice Committee of Montreal, which was renamed Social Justice Connection (SJC).


In the decades that followed, with the support of hundreds of volunteers, CJS multiplied its actions to raise awareness on a wide range of socio-economic issues affecting human rights, including debt relief for third world countries, reform of the World Bank and IMF, and corporate responsibility.

Through our years of experience, we’ve developed a real expertise in planning and mobilization, as well as in citizen participation. The organization is now better known by the name of what has long been its main program: Educonnexion.

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Educonnexion continues to promote the same values as it did at its inception. It now focuses on training, capacity building and support for individuals and organizations seeking to contribute to a socio-ecological transition conducive of social justice.

We offer tailor-made workshops in face-to-face and distance learning Our teams visit schools and organizations that request our services. We adapt our content to the age of our participants.

The themes addressed by Educonnexion concern everyone. Direct insight into the various topics covered can contribute to offset their negative impact on our society: food security, debt, fair trade

Reconnecting society, in a more equitable and just way

One of our flagship workshop, Agent of Change, is meant to sharpen our analytical and action capabilities. From the exploration of eco-responsible habits to inclusive communication practices and citizen mobilization techniques, this training introduces you to the many fascinating levers of your eco-citizen power.

Our workshops are updated on a regular basis. For more information please click here.

We strive to use our mission as a lever to increase our awareness of our power as citizens and to take concrete action.

Our deepest goal is to reconnect society in a more equitable and just way. A society that allows each individual and each community to reach its full potential.