Éduconnexion: Ensemble, renforçons notre pouvoir d’action citoyenne

Nous proposons des stratégies concrètes et des outils évolutifs pour que vos idées et initiatives aient davantage d’impact à l’échelle individuelle et collective.



Des nouveautés pour la rentrée Vous avez déjà participé à nos ateliers, vous souhaitez approfondir vos connaissances sur des sujets tels que la dette, le…


Eco-citizenship: Reclaiming Control Over Our World

As a teacher, you want to act in the face of current crises (health, social, climatic, economic…), and you are looking for ways to address these issues with your students? The workshop Reclaiming Control over Our World offers food for thought and action to enable young people to better situate themselves in the face of these challenges, and to devise their own solutions.

Agent of Change: Civic Action

Agent of Change: Citizen Action is designed to sharpen your analytical and action skills to help you assume your role as an eco-citizen of the 21st century. From the study of eco-responsible behaviours to inclusive communication practices and citizen mobilization techniques, our workshops will familiarize you with the multiple and amazing levers of your eco-citizen power. Through an integrated curriculum, this program gives you the tools to maximize your impact on society and the world.

Strengthening your Action – Advocacy Campaign

Whatever your specific context and needs, this module will help you develop an advocacy campaign framework for mobilizing allies – including key decision-makers – who can assist in bringing about the change you seek. This module is designed to support people who want to develop their own advocacy campaign, but do not know how to structure or carry it out.

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Coaching and consulting
Are you looking to strengthen your organization’s social and environmental impact strategies and results? Educonnexion can accompany any citizen, group, organization or company wishing to…

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