Strengthening your Action – Advocacy Campaign

Whatever your specific context and needs, this module will help you develop an advocacy campaign framework for mobilizing allies - including key decision-makers - who can assist in bringing about the change you seek. This module is designed to support people who want to develop their own advocacy campaign, but do not know how to structure or carry it out.

Module Presentation

  • Intent and Goals

Intent: This module is designed to enable you to develop and conduct an effective, advocacy-based strategy and to appreciate the importance of doing so in the pursuit of a change.

Objectives : At the end of the module, you will bre able to…

  • Explainwhat advocacy is, and its potential for social change.
  • Name the major stages of an advocacy campaign
  • Use a campaign-building template to develop an appropriate and contextually relevant advocacy strategy to maximize your chances of success.
  • Identify what successful advocacy means (…that the gains are sometimes not as expected, but not necessarily meaningless.)

  • Format:

The module is composed of 2 interactive lessons

Access to digital resources and downloadable guides

Hands-on, self-directed learning activities

Opportunity to interact with other groups that have similar goals and challenges

Certificate of completion

  • Duration:

Personalized learning adapted to your rhythm. From 3-4 hours

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