Eco-citizenship: Reclaiming Control Over Our World

As a teacher, you want to act in the face of current crises (health, social, climatic, economic...), and you are looking for ways to address these issues with your students? The workshop Reclaiming Control over Our World offers food for thought and action to enable young people to better situate themselves in the face of these challenges, and to devise their own solutions.

Learning goals

At the end of the workshop, your students will be capable of:

  1. To recognize how the major current challenges, their interconnection and their impacts on their own lives, on the lives of others and on the world at large.
  2. Identify action levers to act on these issues and maximize the impact of this action.
  3. To define their own spaces, channels, and means of action by developing their autonomy and their eco-citizen commitment.

By achieving these objectives, the workshop contributes to breaking the cynicism and powerlessness in the face of the magnitude of today’s challenges, particularly with regard to climate issues.

The workshop Reclaiming Control Over Our Worldthus allows your students to reinforce their knowledge, willingness and ability to act as eco-citizens.

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