Strengthening the Action – Mobilization Campaign

Nowadays, participatory and mobilizing change strategies are increasingly being advocated. That said, it is not always easy to co-create change or to stimulate tangible action, i.e. to mobilize. This module is designed to support individuals who wish to develop their engagement strategy through mobilization. This module will help you discover the ingredients - and some great recipes! of a succesful civic mobilization.

Module presentation

  • Intent and Goals

Intent: This module is designed to enable you to foster collective action and thus become effective mobilizers.

Objectives : At the end of the module, you will bre able to…

  • Appreciate the main drivers of collective action
  • Explain and applythe principles and methods for effective mobilization

  • Format:

Module composed of 6 interactive lessons

Access to digital resources and downloadable guides

Hands-on, self-directed learning activities

Opportunity to interact with other groups that have similar goals and challenges

Certificate of completion

  • Duration:

Personalized learning adapted to your rhythm. From 3-4 hours

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