A Debt Paid How Many Times?

Social diagnosis of globalization and of the impact of governments, institutions and our lifestyles on the so-called "Third World". The workshop explores the origins of the Global South's debt, of poverty and global inequality. It allows its participants to travel from the time of colonization to the creation of international financial institutions, including the Cold War and structural adjustment programs. The workshop provides an overview of the various factors that have contributed to the accumulation of debt while outlining their social and economic consequences, as well as possible solutions.

Available in 60, 120 and 180 minute formats.

This workshop is highly adaptable and comes in several versions of varying depth and complexity: for groups from high school to university level or in the grassroots sector.

It is ideal for prepping groups of people of all ages who are going abroad to be introduced to issues of global inequality in a semi-playful way. It is also particularly well suited to meet the objectives of the Secondary 5 Contemporary World class.

The workshop operates in a question-and-answer format, with each question leading to the placement of images on the wall in such a way as to create a pictorial mural.

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