Results-Based Management (RBM 101)

This workshop ohelps participants understand its core principles, its primary tools and their application. It offers the opportunity to test, experiment and apply key strategies through hands-on exercises throughout the sessions.

Available in 60-180 minute formats, up to a full day.

The workshop is highly adaptable to your needs. It can be customized for the length of time desired, using a large database of material covering more than 100 hours of training and learning.

The RBM 101 “Introduction” version is particularly well suited for the training new employees, interns or aid workers in the field of international cooperation and solidarity, or in the community sector. It is useful for grasping and applying the basic tools for designing and managing development and social/environmental impact projects, while meeting the expectations of major sponsors.

The workshop is offered in a short lecture format, or in a more interactive format alternating between segments of presentations, exploration and use of specific tools selected according to your needs and expectations.

If you are already using RBM tools internally, we can integrate your own content (e.g. logic model of a particular project, your performance measurement framework or some of your indicators, etc.) into the course.

The documents and toolkits used during the training are made accessible to the participants by a private access code via this platform.

Intermediate, advanced or applied options

There are intermediate and advanced levels that allow you to delve more deeply into specific concepts or tools and to explore them through real-life situations, both simple and complex. These levels are designed for people who already have some basic knowledge of RBM and need a refresher course, or who are faced with specific challenges.

The “applied” option allows you to work on the development or revision of one or more specific tools (such as a logic model you want to create for a real project), in a hybrid training/design format. This format of “short accompaniment” is designed to provide training and support to the people involved in a concrete task, in a dynamic of empowerment.

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