Trade: Commercial Crisis or Food Crisis?

One billion people would suffer from hunger and yet we apparently have enough ressources to feed the entire planet. How can this be explained? From colonization to the present, the workshop addresses the patterns of trade and commerce through the following themes: industrial revolution, green revolution, international institutions, food speculation, land grabbing, dumping, intellectual property, GMOs, corporate social responsibility, deteriorating terms of trade, and poverty reduction strategy programs.

Available in 60, 120 and 180 minute formats.

This workshop is highly adaptable as it exists in several versions of varying depth and sophistication: for groups from high school to university level or in the grassroots context.

It is ideal for preparing groups of all ages heading overseas to introduce them to issues of global inequality in a semi-playful way, and is particularly well matched to meet the objectives of the Secondary 5 Contemporary World course.

The workshop uses a question-and-answer format, with each question allowing images to be placed on the wall in order to create a pictorial fresco.

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